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2050 Rustix Rubber Stamp

2050 Rustix Rubber Stamp

2050 Rustix Rubber Stamp

Price:   $ 15.90

SKU(s): RUST2050, RUST2050


2050 Rustix Rubber Stamp - 3/4" x 1-7/8"

Overall size; 3/4"x-1-7/8" Rustix Wooden Hand Stamps is a great option to have when wanting to save some money, as well as wanting a very unique and rustic looking rubber stamp. The Rustix Wood Handle Rubber Stamps is a custom rubber stamp and offers 12 mount sizes. The Rustix Stamps are made from a high quality European beech wood with a matching high polished handle. - Hand Stamps can be used for addressing envelopes, brochures, documents and more. - These type of stamps require a stamp pad that is sold separately. - 2050 offers 3/4"x1-7/8" and allows you up to 3 lines of text.